About Brentech

Here at Brentech, we want to help you find the right solution for your organisation. Established since 1990, we have almost 30 years experience in software implementation. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of distribution, warehouse management and ERP software solutions and support.

You'll see more about Brentech and the our history below. But first, here's how we can help in your search for the right system. Our goal is to help you to research, plan and implement the best solution.

Who are Brentech Data Systems?

How Can We Help You?

Firstly, we discuss your requirements, your current system - if any, your key pain-points and any areas you'd like to improve. Then, if you're interested in hearing more, we explain our AWARDS-BA³ solution and it's many benefits in more detail.

We answer any questions and show how both your organisation and teams, could benefit from a distribution solution like AWARDS-BA³.

If you agree and our AWARDS-BA³ system meets your needs, we help you to decide which of the AWARDS-BA³ modules will work best for you.

We guide you through a review of your business processes, data preparation, the training, the system implementation and ultimately the system go-live. As you go through this process, we help ensure that there is as little disruption as possible and that you gain maximum benefits and ROI from the project.

Once your organisation is live with the AWARDS-BA³ solution, with growth and expansion your needs will likely change. If and when that happens, we're there to help, support and guide you further so that the AWARDS-BA³ system can change with you as you grow and expand.


About Brentech Data Systems

Our History

Brentech Data Systems was established in 1990. With the launch of our first solution, the classic AWARDS system, built on Progress, we began it's implementation into a range of wholesalers and distributors across Ireland and the UK.

Development of the AWARDS-BA³ Microsoft.NET solution followed later. The aim of this new solution was to provide another 'best-in-class' distribution system to the market. From the beginning we have been committed to providing solutions that are based on the 'best-of-breed' philosophy. Our aim when we designed the AWARDS-BA³ system was for it to be 'the engine' of an open system and easily integrated with the best available third party products.

Both the classic AWARDS system and the AWARDS-BA³ software solutions have been implemented in many of our customers throughout Ireland, the UK and further afield. These businesses range from small to medium to enterprise level. As for our future plans, we continue to focus on our customers, their specific requirements, and on ensuring that both the software and service we provide day-to-day is second-to-none.


About Brentech Data Systems

Our Team

We have a great team of highly skilled, efficient and friendly staff here at Brentech Data Systems. Our team range from development, QA, support and training, to sales, marketing and customer success. Through all of these departments, we are here to help in any way we can to ensure that you are fully satisfied with both our solutions and support and the service you receive.

You will get to know our team right from the beginning and we will be there with you to assist you through the solution discovery, implementation, training and go-live process. For more information about our our project planning and implementation process take a look here.


About Brentech Data Systems

Well – Grant Sharman

“The overall target was to improve profitability by £12m per annum. This meant investing in a new state of the art NDC in Stoke On Trent, new working practices and, of course, a new warehouse management system.

We had used AWARDS at our previous warehouse and knew what Brentech Data Systems could deliver so we implemented it in our new warehouse. Obviously AWARDS didn’t generate the business benefits of £12m a year on its own but it was the vehicle that the business uses in achieving those benefits.”

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