Here at Brentech Data Systems we work in partnership with a range of key companies whom are experts in their field and provide both services and solutions that are second to none. Find out more about these partners below.

TranSend Solutions

TranSend Solutions help companies monitor and manage their product and service delivery operations including the management of subcontractors, agency drivers and mobile field workers.

TranSend Solutions provide a single-source solution including software, hardware, technical infrastructure, communications and device management, guaranteeing system uptime and data accuracy for business critical operations.

For more information about TranSend Solution take a look at their website.

TranSend Solutions


Microsoft has, for many year, provided companies worldwide with a range of software and technology designed to optimize how they do business on a day-to-day basis. Some of the most popular Microsoft products include the Microsoft Office Suite, the Windows Operating Systems and the Microsoft .NET® Framework.

Here at Brentech, we are full supporters of the Microsoft.NET® Framework having built and developed our AWARDS-BA³ solution fully in .NET. The Partnership Programme has provided us with a range of facilities and support that has been invaluable to us over the years, throughout our product development.

For more information regarding Microsoft's Partnership Programme see their website.

Microsoft Partner


For many years, Progress has offered partners with agile software solutions to build industry-leading, modern business applications. Our products are based on Progress® OpenEdge®—the leading platform for simplifying and streamlining the development, integration, and management of business applications.

With the winning combination of the proven Progress OpenEdge technology and our industry expertise, we are powered to bring innovative, reliable solutions to market faster and offer you products that deliver a competitive edge.

To learn more about the solutions and expertise Progress see their website.



OneAdvanced provide enterprise and market-focused solutions that allow their customers to reimagine what is possible, innovate in their sectors and improve the lives of millions of people in the UK.

For many years, Brentech Data Systems has partnered with OneAdvanced through the provision of the OneAdvanced OpenAccounts Financial Software Package integrated with our solutions.

For more information about OneAdvanced see their website.

OneAdvanced OpenAccounts