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Delivering Healthcare SolutionsTotes

The Healthcare Distribution Market is under constant pressure to both reduce costs and increase efficiencies - software applications supporting this industry sector must provide the necessary agility and adaptability to stay ahead of the competition.

Applications such as AWARDS-BA³ from Brentech Data Systems are designed to provide the agility and scalability to help companies deliver continuous process improvement whilst adapting to the companies ambitions of growth and optimum performance.

As companies grow through acquisitions, alliances and mergers, it is imperative to have a supporting system which caters for diverse requirements from multiple cultures, facilities, locations, platforms, regions and languages.

Pharmaceutical supply chain is a highly complex, dynamic and legislative marketplace. It places extreme demands on the company’s operational and logistics resources. To quote Merit Pharmaceuticals of Dublin, Ireland, “Our business is continually evolving as we listen to our customers’ needs. We focus on Service, Supply and Price and in doing so, we need a system which allows us to deliver on that promise.”

There is little room for error. High customer service levels and price expectations predominates a competitive sector already coping with very low margins. Add in the legislative requirements where in the Pharmaceutical sector industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements are an ever present and increasing burden.

Business Agility, Automation and Alerts (BA³)ASRS

AWARDS-BA³ offers Business Agility, Business Automation, and Business Alerts to cater for complex supply chain sectors such as Healthcare. The Workflow Management Module includes a Business Process Designer to cater for the intricate demands of Order Management, Inventory Control, Forecasting, Product Procurement, Customer Service, Picking, Warehouse Management, Despatch, Delivery and Returns Management.

In the world of Pharmaceuticals, further burdens are placed on supply chains in dealing with Batch / Lot Control, Specials Products, Temperature and Time Controls, Product Authorizations, Generics, Parallel Imports - not to mention the increased attention from Regulatory Bodies and Government Agencies.

The combination of Brentech’s 25-year experience and the scope and flexibility of their ultra-modern application is a proven world-class solution for this evolving landscape. When planning the development of the AWARDS-BA³ application, Brentech realized that the new software “had not only to be built to last, but also built to change” in the words of MD, John Brennan.

The application includes Business Alert Monitoring and is designed to be proactive, not reactive, as is the traditional norm. It has proven to be visionary and prophetic. As national borders open up and the internet becomes an established trading medium, Generics, Parallel Imports and Developments such as Direct-to-Pharmacy (DTP) orders blur the traditional trading lines between wholesale, retail and end consumer supply chain. This has a number of major consequences for the distributor.

Consequences for the DistributorConveyor Belt

Firstly, governments step in to further regulate the supply chain and erode wholesale margins. Next, the consumer bypasses traditional supply lines in search of cheaper sources - Direct-to-Manufacturer, Alternative Supplier or even a Generic Substitute. This is followed by greater regulation - counterfeiting must be controlled in which case, only a verifiable chain of supply can suffice. As a result, the landscape evolves at an accelerating rate.

How can we sustain the constant pressures applied to the supply chain? Can we balance the demands of compliance, customer satisfaction and profitability with the requirement to ensure efficient and rapid delivery of perishable, batch controlled and temperature- sensitive critical medicines?

From Reactive to Proactive

The solution to the above questions is a system that focuses on the 80-20 Rule. This focus encourages the automation of the majority ie. 80% of businesses processes, which in turn allows for a more proactive approach, whereby greater emphasis, effort and time can be spent on the 20%, the aspects of the business that may require attention - prior to them becoming an issue.

With over 25 years of experience in this sector, the Brentech Data Systems application suite incorporates an unprecedented feature set to define, monitor, streamline and automate the majority of complex processing requirements of the modern supply chain solution.

Brentech Data Systems’ expertise is unmatched in delivering innovative agile solutions for a sector constantly on the move. Uniquely modern software, free from legacy overheads, has been designed to deliver an off-the-shelf solution to Pharmaceutical Wholesaler specific requirements.

Deployable as an in-house or cloud solution, its modern and intuitive Microsoft.NET Windows Standard Interface requires little training and familiarization. Backed by years of industry expertise, Brentech Consultants help to rapidly configure a fully-customized solution for each customer, capable of being deployed and implemented in record time.

Not only that, further customization and tailoring to user-specific requirements can be achieved by your own personnel - avoiding costing non-standard enhancements.

“The success of the project enabled the NDC to move to a fully-serviced operation across an estate of 800 branches in just six weeks.”
Grant Sharman - The Co-operative Pharmacy



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