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Consequences of an Inadequate System

Today’s challenge must focus on doing more for less. Whilst many established companies have taken the necessary steps to cut costs, including stock rationalization, staff cuts and closing branch locations, they are still constrained by the inflexibility of their SCM/ERP system.

This leaves them unable to radically change their processes and automate the 80% of the mundane, repetitive business tasks common to all wholesalers and distributors. For start-up and smaller, growing companies, inadequate business systems usually require costly manual intervention and duplication of effort which impacts negatively on early expansion potential. Fragmented applications lead to a series of bottlenecks for the progressive business.


AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ is designed to provide enterprise e-commerce functionality, to the leanest ofAWARDS-Entrepreneur operations. Starting with a 5 user system, it is deployed via Cloud or On-Premise solution offering a suite of B2B/B2C modules as standard. John Brennan is Managing Director at Brentech Data Systems, with over 20 years experience in delivering mission critical systems to complex wholesale and distribution operations where excellent customer service, tight inventory management, and real-time decision-making information is fundamental to business sustainability and growth. 

Years of experience have seen Brentech deliver their “best of breed” applications to ambitious lean companies allowing them to grow rapidly with the minimum of expensive overhead. John shares his views on how companies of all sizes should make strategic change to their business processes in order to achieve a low cost, high performing business.

“An agile and adaptable ERP System is an asset that companies must use to maximize gains from automating processes – improve the cash-out to cash-in cycle, improve demand forecasting, improve order fulfilment rates and reduce the associated operational costs. To remain competitive and be able to adapt to changing customer expectations for availability and delivery, companies must invest in an agile system that delivers business intelligence across the whole supply chain.”

AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ Solution Benefits

Deployed via the Cloud or as an on-site server based application, AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ offers a cost-effective, easy to implement solution from Brentech Data Systems. As part of the AWARDS-BA³ family, the solution is tried, tested and proven to deliver results:

  • Lean, Green and Intelligent Automated Operation
  • Promotes Increased Customer Service, Loyalty, and Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility
  • Order Accuracy, Inventory Optimization and Delivery Optimization
  • Business Monitoring, Process Automation and Exception Alerts
  • Demand Forecasting, Automated Ordering and Replenishment
  • Improved Data Management - Dashboards, Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Investment Protection -With Add-On Modules and Online Upgrade to AWARDS-BA³


Customer Empowerment

AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ is designed to provide organizational automation and increasing competitive advantage. With a focus on customer self-service functionality, the process of providing information, taking orders, monitoring deliveries and automated invoicing and payments is largely systems controlled. Valuable time and resources may be redeployed towards business development and growth.

Dashboards & Business Insights - Turning Information into Competitive Advantage

In today’s technologically advanced world there is no shortage of data - computer systems capture and store data on every aspect of business and personal life. However, there is a shortage of systems capable of turning this data into useful information. “Information is King” - Only when it can be leveraged.

Information is Power

AWARDS-BA³ ensures that information is power:

1) Exception Alerts and Reporting

2) Provides Comprehensive Real-Time Visibility & Monitoring of Business Operations

3) KPI Management: Analyses and Monitors Critical Areas such as:

  • Sales
  • Customer Behaviour
  • Operative Performance
  • Inventory
  • Service Levels
  • Profitability
  • Purchases
  • Supplier Performance
  • Live and Actionable Business Insights
  • Prevent Problems and Maximize Opportunities

Accelerate Business Growth

AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ defines a suite of additional functionality to AWARDS-BA³ as standard. Its focus is on providing a comprehensive but low-cost set of application modules specifically targeted at smaller companies in the B2B/B2C space.

We provide a customizable package of Cloud-Based Web Services, offering:

  • Customer, Product, Price Maintenance
  • Catalogue & Price List Downloads
  • Shopping Cart with interface to Payment Routines Eg. PayPal Credit Card
  • Electronic Invoicing, Shipping & Tracking
  • Returns Management
  • Order History, Reorder Templates and Favourites
  • Account Enquiry including Invoice & Credit Note Details with Statements if relevant
  • Financials Suite Interface

AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ does not include a dedicated Financials Application but it can be interfaced to a selection of “right-sized” popular accounting suites. Brentech can recommend an appropriate solution depending on requirements, size, location, languages etc. The application is also differentiated by transaction limits - AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ is limited to an annual throughput of approximately 350,000 transactions. Ie. Just under one thousand postings per day. AWARDS-BA³ provides a seamless upgrade path from the Entrepreneur Suite, delivering a “best-in-class” Supply Chain Solution for the larger enterprise. AWARDS-BA³ has achieved record breaking throughput of in excess of 1 million order lines in a working day, benchmarked on a hardware platform costing less that £3000.

Agile & Adaptable

Brentech Data Systems understand that in order to grow a business flexibility is a necessity. Agile systems are also needed to empower this growth. This is why we offer flexible subscription pricing to enable companies to move forward. Companies pay per month for the software, services and maintenance required and for the number of users required. AWARDS-Entrepreneur™ provides a solution that meets companies both exact requirements and cashflow.


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