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When it comes to trying to choose an ERP System vendor, there are so many different options and considerations, it is often difficult for businesses to know where to begin their search. Added to that, once a vendor is chosen, it is hard to establish whether all of the necessary requirements will be met, whether the project will be completed to budget and whether it will be completed on time.
What is a Legacy System? Gartner now defines a legacy system as "Any system that is not sufficiently flexible to meet changing business needs."1 and according to Gartner, by 2016 "ERP implementations that are heavily customized will be referred to as 'legacy ERP'."1
Consequences of an Inadequate System Today’s challenge must focus on doing more for less. Whilst many established companies have taken the necessary steps to cut costs, including stock rationalization, staff cuts and closing branch locations, they are still constrained by the inflexibility of their SCM/ERP system.
As a field service professional, you may well have been the first of your friends to carry a mobile phone. Your company may have been early adopters of mobile and wireless technology. Today, children carry mobile phones and its hard to find companies who do not make use of smart phones, handheld computers, GPS or other technology to support field operations.

Complex Healthcare Distribution

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Delivering Healthcare Solutions The Healthcare Distribution Market is under constant pressure to both reduce costs and increase efficiencies - software applications supporting this industry sector must provide the necessary agility and adaptability to stay ahead of the competition.
Overcoming Legacy Functionality IT organisations have many options available for using improvements in new hardware, software, tools and services to overcome the constraints of legacy functionality. For example, they may optimise it or they may simply replace it with more efficient and modular code.

Lean and Mean...There is a way of doing more with less...

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The Legacy Trap...

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Through the strife to maintain legacy ERP applications that barely cope with the everyday business requirements, many companies have now fallen victim to "The Legacy Trap"…AND…to compound the problem the maintenance costs of such systems are rising at a substantial rate year on year...”


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