FMD - Falsified Medicines Directive - Useful Resources The Falsified Medicines Directive deadline of the 9th February 2019 is fast approaching.
The Safety Features Delegated Act is a key element of The Falsified Medicines Directive. It was formally adopted by the European Commission on the 2nd October 2015 and was published in the Official Journal of the European Commission on the 9th February 2016.[i]
In our previous blog, "Key Considerations when Planning a Warehouse", we looked at the various different areas that need to be considered when planning a warehouse.
As outlined in our blog “The Falsified Medicines Directive: New Logo for Online Pharmacies” one of the legislative measures of The Falsified Medicines Directive, detailed the requirement for a common, EU-wide logo to identify legal online pharmacies.¹
The Falsified Medicines DirectiveThe recent EU legislation regarding Pharmaceutical Traceability, the Falsified Medicines Directive, came into force in January 2013. One of the legislative measures of this directive outlined the need for a common, EU-wide logo to identify legal online pharmacies.¹
Counterfeit and Falsified Pharmaceuticals Counterfeit and falsified products, specifically counterfeit pharmaceuticals, are becoming an epidemic in industry today throughout the world. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, it is estimated that counterfeits make up more than 10% of the global medicines market.[i] The World Health Organization (WHO) has also estimated that more than 50% of medication and pharmaceuticals purchased online are falsified.[ii]
Why is Product Traceability so important today? Product Traceability has become an extremely prevalent issue in recent years, particularly in relation to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Dental, Cosmetic, Food and Tobacco industries.


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