We have worked with, and continue to work with, some fantastic customers over the last 30 years. Our clients are largely wholesalers and distributors and come from a range of industries.

They include the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Ireland and many of the largest independent pharmaceutical distributors in the UK. Others include those from industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, dental, personal care, veterinary, food and drink and building supplies.


Customer Testimonials

Here is what some of our great clients have to say about us. Alternatively, take a look at our case studies to find out even more about our customers and their experiences with us.

Case Studies

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Well – Grant Sharman

Well Pharmacy Customer Logo

“The overall target was to improve profitability by £12m per annum. This meant investing in a new state of the art NDC in Stoke On Trent, new working practices and, of course, a new warehouse management system.

We had used AWARDS at our previous warehouse and knew what Brentech Data Systems could deliver so we implemented it in our new warehouse. Obviously AWARDS didn’t generate the business benefits of £12m a year on its own but it was the vehicle that the business uses in achieving those benefits.”

Yodel – Hannah Lewis


“AWARDS-BA³ has allowed us to provide our users with the tools they need to meet the corporate objectives.

With our last system, even a simple change required the author getting involved and cost us money. We tended to try and find ways around it.

With AWARDS-BA³, we use the range of modules to completely change what we need to do both inside and outside of the system.”

Merit Pharmaceuticals – Gerard Nugent

Merit Pharmaceuticals Customer Logo

“Due to the AWARDS-BA³ modular design, we have the ability to mould the system to our changing needs. We find that we are able to configure AWARDS-BA³ to allow us to create new and exciting ways of presenting offers to our customers.

Some systems considered just weren’t flexible enough to be able to implement these initiatives. AWARDS-BA³ capabilities allows us to be one step ahead.”

Sangers – Peter Surgenor

Sangers AAH Logo

“We have been dealing with Brentech Data Systems for over 20 years now. During that time, Brentech Data Systems have consistently gone the extra mile to provide us with an excellent service.

I would recommend Brentech Data Systems to anyone who is serious about developing a business partnership, as opposed to just another supplier.”

Mawdsley Brooks – Joy Ellison

Mawdsleys Customer Logo

“Even I don’t recognise the AWARDS system as the one we put in over 20 years ago. During that time Brentech Data Systems have evolved AWARDS to allow us to meet the challenges we face in today’s market.

We know, from the information they share with us, that we will be well placed to face the challenges of the future. Most organisations – especially those with the complexity we have – review their systems every 7 to 10 years. Brentech’s continuous development has meant that we have been able to use AWARDS for 20 years.

United Drug Group PLC – Barry O’Reilly

“United Drug were one of the first users of AWARDS over 25 years ago. Since then AWARDS has been deployed as the distribution software of choice within the United Drug Group, both in Ireland and the UK.

The ability of AWARDS to provide the complex functionality, required by all of the United Drug businesses, for over 25 years is a true testament to its adaptability and flexibility.”

F. Maltby & Sons Ltd. – Anthony Maltby

F.Maltby & Sons

“I know that if I need to contact Brentech Data Systems, there will be an industry and application expert on the end of the line. This gives us enormous peace-of-mind. It is the best support service I have dealt with.

From the initial meeting through implementation, go-live and support, Brentech Data Systems have proven their dependability especially when the going gets tough.”