We know that implementing a new, company-wide business system is a complicated process. We understand that it involves more than delivering and installing the application software. To make sure it is success, we support you with every aspect of the project from start to finish.

We look at both the infrastructure and technology required. Additionally, we guide you in coordinating the people and resources necessary. Undoubtedly, day-to-day business operations must function as normal during this process.

As a team, we liaise with you every step of the way. Our aim is to ensure that the implementation is a success. Not only that, the solution should more than meet your needs. You must be happy with the system as it is now and confident that, as you grow, the system grows with you.

Complete Life Cycle Package

To do this, we offer a complete life cycle package. This package includes everything from project management, system implementation, training and support. We work with you to our well-defined project plan. Our skilled and committed project team are on hand to assist you throughout this plan.

We work alongside you until the implementation and go-live has been completed. Furthermore, once the system is up and running, our support team continues to be available to you. We are there to answer any queries and to help you get the most out of your new solution, both now and as you grow.

Customer and Project Support

A Proven Project Plan

Our project plan consists of:

  • Clear objectives and scope
  • Agreed approach and controls
  • Well-defined project phasing and milestones
  • Documented roles and responsibilities


Skilled and Committed People

Our staff:

  • Are experts in warehouse management and logistics
  • Highly experienced in system implementation & training
  • Have strong practical technology skills
  • On hand to answer queries and provide support


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? How can we help you?

We know that every project is different. At the same time, with our implementation experience, it is clear that each project plan must have a common set of criteria. These key areas are critical to the successful completion of every project. Our project managers use this project plan throughout each implementation.

Project Controls
  • Regular control and review points
  • Issue log and tracking tools
  • Communication plan
  • Project team kick-off session
  • Audits and reviews at major milestones

To ensure that a project meets its objectives, and is completed on time and to budget, we establish a project team. Each team member has documented roles and responsibilities, which brings clarity and purpose to the project process.

We know how important it is for an implementation to be successful at every stage. To do this, our goal is to deliver an AWARDS-BA³ system that exceeds your expectations. We make sure that are able to more than meet your customer commitments.

Our highly-skilled team insist on a structured implementation plan. This approach ensures that your key people are completely confident in the system and how to use it.

Implementation Plan & Go-live

We use a step-by-step implementation programme. These steps include the following:

  • System design and setup
  • Technical interfaces
  • Configuration sign-off
  • End-user training
  • Go-live checklist and plan
  • Go-live
  • Post go-live support and review

We provide customised training programmes to make sure that all users feel comfortable with the system. Your staff receive detailed training on your chosen AWARDS-BA³ modules. The focus of this training is specific to each persons areas of responsibility.

Training is carried out over a number of days. This is to make sure your staff have the time to both process and practice what they learn. This gives them a chance to ask questions and clarify any queries that arise.

We provide system training on-site, using an AWARDS-BA³ training environment. Alternatively, training can also carried out at our own premises.

Additionally, as both staff and processes change, refresher training is available. Our training team provide refresher courses on all aspects of AWARDS-BA³. Training in third party products is also available where necessary.

Our system support services extend beyond the system implementation stage. We want you to maximise your system benefits and gain a real return from your software investment. SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) are jointly agreed with each client. These SLA's guarantee optimum performance and efficiency.

Support Services

Our support services include the following:

  • Post go-live review
  • Support helpdesk training
  • Review any post go-live issues
  • Plan for future upgrades & new functionality