Looking for a new distribution, ERP or WMS solution?

Find out more about our AWARDS-BA³ distribution system and how it can help you. We want you to find a warehouse management solution that works for you. The system you choose needs to suit not only your requirements today, but also those future requirements you're not aware of yet.



The AWARDS-BA³ (Advanced Wholesale and Realtime Distribution System) is a distribution, ERP and warehouse management software (WMS) system.

Our system is specifically designed for complicated wholesale warehousing and distribution operations. It helps both wholesalers and distributors to efficiently manage their inventory, warehousing and distribution requirements. In today's world, the only thing that is constant is change. We know that organisations need agility so that they can adapt their systems as often as needed.

The ability to customise a business solution to your changing warehousing, distribution and business process requirements is key. Otherwise, you risk falling behind your competitors.


AWARDS-BA³ Modular Design

The AWARDS-BA³ system has multiple modules. This gives you complete flexibility and control over the system and the functionality you need. You can choose which modules suit your current business needs. Most importantly, once these needs change, you can easily choose to add new modules.


Built on Microsoft®.NET

The AWARDS-BA³ system was designed according to the 'best of breed' philosophy. It is built on the Microsoft®.NET technology platform to deliver a future-proof distribution software solution.

We understand how important it is that the system you ultimately choose fits your warehousing and distribution needs. Not only that, it must keep up-to-date with technological changes and an ever-changing marketplace.

The AWARDS-BA³ system will grow and expand in line with your organisational growth and will allow you to change as the market changes.


FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) Compliant

AWARDS-BA³ is fully compliant with the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) providing complete traceability. This EU legislation came into force on the 9th February 2019.


Why Choose AWARDS-BA³?

There are many reasons to choose AWARDS-BA³. Ultimately, AWARDS-BA³ helps you to empower both your organisation and your teams through:

  • Business Agility: Modelling your distribution system to meet current business challenges and strategic objectives.
  • Business Automation: Automating the 80% of the business that is running in line with strategic objectives.
  • Business Alerts: Alerting, isolating and acting on the 20% of the business that needs your attention.

System Modules

What are the AWARDS-BA³ Modules?