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Why Choose the AWARDS-BA³ Software System?

Key Software Benefits


1. High Scalability & Throughput

The AWARDS-BA³ software system can process over 1 million sales order lines in an 8 hour day leading to extensive scalability capabilities for your business and far greater productivity and efficiency.


2. Increased Agility, Flexibility & Control

AWARDS-BA³ modular design & customization capabilities ensures that you can implement the most effective software system solution for your individual needs. As these needs change you can again tailor the software system to suit them, giving you complete flexibility and control.


3. Full Product Traceability & Increased Compliance

The AWARDS-BA³ Batch Control Module ensures full product traceability from source through to end user, ensuring increased accuracy, easier product recall capabilities and greater legislative compliance.

AWARDS-BA³ also provides the latest GDP (Good Distribution Practice) requirements, in compliance with the recent EU legislation on Traceability and Delivery Recording Requirements, particularly those in the Healthcare Sector, covering Animal and Human Medicines, Equipment and OTC products to individual item level.


4. Improved Operational Efficiency leading to Reduced Costs

AWARDS-BA³ leads to greatly improved operational efficiency throughout the business enabling extremely high service levels. This increased efficiency in turn greatly reduces costs for your business. Eg. Cost per SKU in Well, formerly The Co-operative Pharmacy, was reduced by 36%.


5. Fact-Based Decision Making

AWARDS-BA³ enables information visibility across every business function allowing you to make faster, fact-based decisions based on real-time information.


6. Better Utilization of Staff

All staff have the right information available to them at the right time which is crucial for the continued success of any business, in turn leading to increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.


7. Automated Processes

AWARDS-BA³ enables the automation of a range of business processes, leading to improved time-management and allowing you to focus only on current issues within the business.


8. System Changes Made In-House

AWARDS-BA³ allows you to make the required software system changes which ultimately leads to far increased control coupled with reduced costs of implementation and costs of ownership.



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