The AWARDS-BA³ distribution and warehouse management solution can provide a number of benefits to you and your organisation.

We have outlined some of these benefits below for you. These benefits give you an idea of the opportunities available when the right solution is installed in an organisation.

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Benefits of the AWARDS-BA³ System

Why Choose AWARDS-BA³?

1. High Scalability

The AWARDS-BA³ system can process over 1 million sales order lines in an 8 hour day. Should you need to process a high volume of orders at speed, the AWARDS-BA³ system is highly scalable.

2. Return on Investment Guaranteed

Historically, our customer implementations have seen a return on investment very quickly. On average, they have seen a system payback within 6 months with an overall project payback seen within 24 months.

3. Reduced Costs & Increased Efficiency

AWARDS-BA³ leads to reduced costs as a result of the increased efficiencies gained from using the system. E.g. Cost per SKU in Well was reduced by 36%.

4. Data Access for Better Decisions

The Visualisations Module and reporting capabilities provide information visibility for every business function. Having access to the right data, KPI's and reports, at the right time, means better decision-making and quicker issue resolution.

5. Full Traceability & Increased Compliance

The AWARDS-BA³ Stock Control Module provides full traceability of each product. It is fully compliant with the Falsified Medicines Directive. This results in greater accuracy, more efficient stock control, easier product recall and legislative compliance.

6. Increased Agility, Flexibility and Control

The AWARDS-BA³ system comes with a range of modules. These modules allow you to pick the system that is right for you. Where your needs change, you can choose new modules to cater for your new requirements.

7. Better Utilisation of Staff

Your people are crucial to the success of your business. Your staff will have access to all of the necessary information when they need it meaning they can perform better, resolve issues quicker and overall improve productivity throughout the organisation.

8. Make the System Work for You

AWARDS-BA³ comes in-built with various modules and a business process designer. This means you can customise the system to suit your needs. Additionally, you do not need to come to us for every system change. This means reduced costs of implementation and total cost of ownership.


System Implementation & Support

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