Overcoming Legacy Functionality Through Continuous Change and Application Evolution

(07 Jan 2013)

Overcoming Legacy Functionality

Continuous Change and Application Evolution

IT organizations have many options available for using improvements in new hardware, software, tools and services to overcome the constraints of legacy functionality.

For example, they may optimize it or they may simply replace it with more efficient and modular code. One transitional strategy might be to simply wrap web interfaces around existing legacy systems. This makes it easy to maintain existing code whilst building a migration route via Web Services - gradually, better Web Services Processing is being built into the “new” application.

“AWARDS-BA³ was never simply an upgrade for AWARDS. It was designed to provide a wide range of new capabilities and we made this clear to our customers as we developed the new product.

However, as we revealed the new functionality in AWARDS-BA³, some customers wanted the immediate benefits without having to change their entire application. Our hybrid approach provided them with the perfect solution.”

John Brennan, Managing Director, Brentech Data Systems

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